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Fueling the bowl


1. The Bowl is already out of the industry ready for use, so it is enough to remove the protective plastic film that surrounds it and put the food.
2. Your product is anti-inflammatories, water the canal around your flap which will become a natural barrier protecting food from ants.


About the product


Vida Mansa Bowls have been specially developed in thick laminated aluminum and technically prepared to provide high product resistance. The designer with the oval shape on its edge is aimed at hampering the firmness of teeth in the act of biting. The channel around its flap turns it into antistatic as well as provides greater quality, strength and stability to the product. Electrostatic powder painting, containing no solvent, therefore no odor.




Placing the Bowl always in a place protected from the sun, besides the food protection increases the life of your equipment.
Avoid falls so as not to damage the paint.
For perfect functionality always expose yourself to level and level surfaces.
To maintain the gloss and conservation of the paint use soap or neutral detergent, only soft sponge, never abrasive, thus avoiding scratching and damaging the paint. Minimum recommended asepsis twice weekly.



Vida Mansa Products values ​​a strict quality control in the manufacture of products to guarantee your satisfaction and that of your pet friend! In case of manufacturing defect, we will be happy to assist you in clarifying and solving any inconvenience. If this is the case, replacement of parts or products may be carried out when material or manufacturing defects are found, after the Vida Mansa technical evaluation. We are not liable for natural wear and tear, or for damage resulting from accident or improper conservation and / or use. The perforation of the paint, either by bites, falling or by interference of another material and / or object, may cause premature oxidation of the product, in which case the warranty will remain without effect.
The slogan "Does not deform with bites" refers to the strength of aluminum as drilling from side to side by interferences of bites applied by dogs, if it occurs it will be covered under warranty. The more consistent bites applied may scratch and even tear off the paint, in which case the warranty will be without effect.
We suggest that you observe all the recommendations contained in the guides of uses and assemblies that accompany each product, also available on our website, as this will last longer!
The guarantee of the Bowls is of 3 (three) months already considered the period of legal guarantee.
Keep your invoice for purchasing the products, as it will prove the beginning and end of the coverage!