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Filling the feeder


1. The feeder is already assembled from the industry ready to use, to refill remove the top cover and place the food.

2. Adjust the front knob manually, loosen it by sliding it up or down for more or less flow of food according to the size of the grain, then tighten it again at the level you think is ideal.

3. To obtain the ideal level and flow, pull the food with your fingers imitating the consumption made by the animal. Observe if the fluidity is performing normally so it will not lack food.


About the product


Vida Mansa’s feeder was developed to give protection to the pets’ food, being the same in a salubrious and hygienic environment. Simple and efficient regulation for greater or less food flow, easy supply and practical in hygiene. Intended for small and medium sized animals, greater use to dogs and cats, but it attends to all pets, including birds.

Vida Mansa’s Traditional Line is made of aluminum, the base of this feeder is specially developed in cast aluminum providing greater quality and stability to the feeder. The paint on this base feature small grit-like protrusions of sand, this is normal characteristic of the cast aluminum. The shell is made from laminated aluminum. Completely recyclable material. Electrostatic paint powder, containing no solvent, therefore no odor. This product is also in the natural version, only polished. The filling capacity varies according to the size of the grains on average 1.5 liters.




Always place the feeder in a place protected from the sun, so the food is always cool, this increases the equipment duration.

To maintain the brightness and conservation of the paint use in cleaning only soap or neutral detergent, only soft sponge, never abrasive.

The feeder is polished so, when washing it we recommend to dry, avoiding thus oxidations and stains more accentuated, since the natural aluminum in direct contact with the water can oxidize. Give the same treatment applied to kitchen utensils made of aluminum.