The Company

Produtos Vida Mansa Ltda started its activities in 2008, after realizing the lack of availability in the market of quality equipment for the aid in the feeding, treatment and care of domestic animals.

We develop and manufacture models with different design and appropriate to make life easier for pets and also to their owners.

Our products are ecologically correct and dermatologically effective, contributing to the health and well-being of the animal, as well as to the aesthetics of those that, due to their characteristics, have a long fur, since the model of water equipment produced by us greatly reduces the wetting caused in the act of drinking.

We have a great commitment and deep respect for nature and animals.

We seek to work safely and respecting the good environmental practices in the design, production and distribution of our products.

Today, Vida Mansa products are marketed worldwide through the internet: we are in more than 60 countries with many satisfied customers.

Our focus is to provide customers with functional, safe, differentiated design products.



  • Produce quality products;
  • Provide peace of mind for pet owners;
  • Provide a better quality of life for domestic animals.


  • Search for innovation;
  • Respect for the environment and animals;
  • Growth and sustainable development;

Constant training of employees.