Pet Water Drinking Fountain

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Pet Water Drinking Fountain For Cat's n Dogs - 3,0 liters

$28.09 USD


Pet Water Drinking Fountain For Cat

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Description Trough

The Trough Mansa Life has been specially developed for pets drink water

comfortably and without the will of the general molhança containing the long, beards and


Made of aluminum noble and fully recyclable material.

Painting electrostatic powder containing no solvent, therefore odorless.

protected water, fresh, clean and comfortable.

Easy and practical to be sanitized.

Trough Specifications

More indication used for dogs and cats, meeting other pets.

Race Small breeds, most medium breeds.

Material Aluminum with electrostatic paint.

Colours White, dark blue, baby blue and pink.

Capacity 3 liters (glass filled to the brim, ie full)

net weight approximately 595 gr.

Approximate Dimensions Length: 27 cm.

Width: 20 cm.

Height: 18 cm.


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