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Base For Gallon For Dogs and Cats 20 liters

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Base For Gallon For Dogs and Cats

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Bebedouro Vida Mansa Base, was developed for large and medium sized pets that require a greater volume of water. Recommended also to those who have more than one animal and / or kennels. Suitable format the Basset Hound family and others with fanned ears, it prevents wetting and mycoses. To the more restless animals a tip is to put the water fountain in the corner of the wall and / or the base of the external side of the grid and the cup of the inner side.

The Traditional Line is made of aluminum, completely recyclable material. Electrostatic paint powder, containing no solvent, therefore no odor.


1. The gallon is the same used to pack mineral water and / or similar 10 or 20 liters. (Does not accompany the product).

2. Place water in the gallon to attach it to the drinking fountain with its mouth down, the supply system being the same used in human drinking fountains.


Placing the water cooler always in a place protected from the sun, in addition to always being fresh water increases the life of the equipment.

Preferably use filtered water to preserve the health of your pet.

For perfect functionality, expose preferably on level and level surfaces.


To maintain the brightness and conservation of the paint use soap or neutral detergent, only soft sponge, never abrasive. When cleaning the canal use water jet squirting from the bowl to the base with the garden hose. You can also place a small foam rubber, pushing it with the hose and the jet. Recommended minimum asepsis once a week.


We have strict quality control to ensure your satisfaction. Following the recommendations will have a long lasting life. Exchanges will be carried out only when defects in material or workmanship are found after technical evaluation. We do not take responsibility for natural wear and tear, nor for damage resulting from accident or improper maintenance and use. The perforation of the paint is by fall or by interference of perforating material, oxidation can occur, in this case the warranty does not cover.

Your warranty is for 6 months from the date of purchase. Always save the invoice for the product.

The Base Drinking Bottle Warranty is 6 months.

Keep your invoice for product acquisition, as it will prove the beginning and end of coverage!

Colours white, light blue, dark blue, pink, green e red.

Capacity Holds gallon of 10 and 20 liters.

net weight approximately 1200 gr.

Approximate Dimensions Length: 49,5 cm.


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