Easy and Convenient

Step by step how to fuel your Trough Mansa Life

1 - Remove the top of (glass) of water cooler pulling up (Picture 1).

2 - Turn the top (glass) 180 down, fill the (glass) with water at will

(Picture 2).

3 - the supply to the edge of the cup, ie full, contains the following steps:

small water fountain 700 ml water cooler average 1,400 ml and large water fountain 2900-3000

mL of water (Figure 3).

4 - Turn the bottom of the trough (base) 180 up and attach the top (glass)

(Picture 4).

5 - Turn back the full water cooler 180 to return to its use position (Figure 5).

6 - protected Water, clean, fresh and will avoid the general molhança of the (Picture 6).